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September 2010
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Missing persons site now live

The homepage of the Missing Persons website.

The launch of the new missing persons website on 18 August encouraged a significant number of online visitors to the site within the first 24 hours.

Much of the web traffic was generated from a front page story and link on the stuff.co.nz website, along with other media stories.

The site provides quick and convenient access for the public to view photographs of missing people and provides information about current and historical missing person cases in New Zealand.

Detective Sergeant Linda Simpson, head of the Police Missing Persons Unit, says the site will provide staff working on missing person cases with another investigative tool.

“Having information and photographs available on a national site provides a permanent and accessible reminder for the public of the people we need to find,” she says.

“Each year, Police receive around 8,000 reports relating to missing persons. Of those reported missing, approximately 95 percent are found within a short period of time, usually before 14 days, with more than 50 percent located within the first two days.”

The site provides the following information to the public:

  • information for families and friends of missing persons
  • what happens after a person is reported missing
  • what to do if you are reported as a missing person
  • information on New Zealanders missing overseas
  • support links to:
    - health and well-being
    - search agencies
    - suicide information
    - dementia information
    - media relations
  • links to other government and non-government agencies.

The Missing Persons Unit is located in the Interpol Office at Police National Headquarters. It’s responsible for the coordination and analysis of information about missing people in New Zealand and overseas.

View the Missing Persons website at www.police.govt.nz/service/missing-persons-home

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