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September 2010
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New website to report cyber crime

The ORB, a new website to report malicious or unlawful internet

activity, was launched by Police Commissioner Howard Broad,

Consumer Affairs Minister at the time Heather Roy and NetSafe

executive director Martin Cocker.

Photo: Grant Ogilvie, Public Affairs, Police National Headquarters

A vast range of Internet activity is regularly reported to police, from annoyances like spam through to serious fraud and child exploitation.

Some is clearly criminal under current laws; other activity may not be unlawful but is still destructive, unfair and upsetting to victims.

Web users can now report any malicious or unlawful internet activity through a single website, known as the ORB.

ORB stands for Online Reporting Button and was developed by NetSafe, New Zealand’s online safety organisation. The ORB was launched at Police National Headquarters last month.

Reports received through the ORB are referred to the relevant agency, such as Police, Department of Internal Affairs or Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Cyber crime reports can be made anonymously.

Safety in cyberspace is a huge challenge, Police Commissioner Howard Broad said at the launch.

“The best way to police it is the way we police our real communities – by forming strong partnerships with agencies and communities, and empowering individuals to act,” said Howard.

For more information visit www.theORB.org.nz

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