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September 2010
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New agreement with ESR

The importance of having ESR forensic scientists attend the scenes of serious crimes is being recognised in a new five-year forensic service agreement between Police and ESR.

National Forensic Services Manager, Inspector John Walker says a proportion of ESR scene attendance services will be directly funded to maintain essential capability and expertise in this area.

“This will result in the direct costs to Police districts being less than they’ve been for a number of years,” John says.

Dusting for fingerprints.

Photo: Jason Dorday

“Maintaining scene attendance capability in this way ensures ESR will continue to provide 24/7 serious crime scene attendance from the three service centres, as well as for firearms-related scenes and clandestine laboratories.”

There are also requirements in the agreement for improved turnaround times on DNA products and services, particularly in relation to volume crime samples.

Following a joint Police and ESR initiative, ESR has recently improved its turnaround time on volume crime DNA samples from around a month to five days or less.


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