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Issue No. 413 May 2017

Minister’s Word

A view from Police Minister Paula Bennett

It’s ANZAC Day at the time of writing this column, the annual reminder of what it means to serve your country.

Police Minister Paula Bennett

A reminder of the sacrifices others have made to live in a free and democratic society; a reminder that though we are one of the safest places to live in the world, we are never fully immune to that which threatens modern society.

The idea of service runs strongly through NZ Police.

Every day thousands of you put on that blue uniform and serve our communities, and ANZAC Day is no different.

You march alongside other servicemen and women. You work the logistics of re-routing traffic along parade routes. And you make sure that on a day of heightened emotion, we are kept safe from any potential incidents or disruptions.

Thank you for your service. Not just on ANZAC Day, but every day you put on that uniform.

I especially want to thank those officers who most recently made themselves available to the community through forums and public meetings.

At times the public simply want a chance to air their concerns, and at other times they’ll have questions that you’re not able to answer straight away.

Every time you treat them with respect, you listen, and you pledge to keep working with them to make their neighbourhoods a safer place to live.

To me that’s what it means to serve your country, and so with our national day of remembrance fresh in our minds, thank you for your service.

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