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Issue No. 413 May 2017

Games snippets

On the archery range.

An estimated 25,000 WMG athletes competed at venues around Auckland and Waikato. Police Sport supported 12 competitors, but many more staff took part independently.

At 25, Edd Gough, from Wellington File Management Centre, was too young to compete but attended as an archery judge – and as chief judge on day one found himself coordinating the world’s biggest archery tournament.

Before moving to New Zealand, he competed, coached and judged nationally in Britain.

He has been judging in New Zealand for two years.

He was judge at the indoor range, tasked with set-up and ensuring the equipment – from old wooden longbows to high-tech carbon fibre - met international standards.

“The important thing was ensuring the 12,000 arrows shot each day hit their mark, not the bystanders,” he says.

“It was incredible to see archers aged well into their seventies hitting a target centre the size of a 10c coin at 25m, or the size of a DVD at 90m on the outdoor range.”

His stand-out memory is the supportive atmosphere. “The game’s motto ‘For the love of sport’ has never been more fitting.”

Ian Davison, finisher.

Sergeant Ian Davison, of Counties Manukau, recorded his worst time in the half-marathon - but was pleased nonetheless.

“Having bruised my Achilles three weeks before, my chances of a) running and b) completing looked poor. I had lots of physio and no training. To keep me on task I competed in a T-shirt with ‘Finisher’ on it.”

And finish he did, in in 2hrs 3 mins. “My slowest time ever - but pleased I took part.”

Detective Stephen Peat, of Auckland, was at the centre of a case of celebrity mistaken identity.

He was watching the opening ceremony from the edge of the field when an excited Canadian woman asked if he was a tennis player.

He said he was, though he was there as a cyclist. “She then says, with a huge smile ‘You’re John McEnroe, aren’t you?’

“I had to explain that I wasn’t but she still wanted my photo taken with her and gave me a big hug.”

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