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Issue No. 413 May 2017

Transformation for the safest country

P21 will oversee implementation of new resources, such as extra flying for the Eagle helicopter.

Police is overhauling its transformation programme as it prepares to implement the new resources coming from the Safer Communities investment package.

‘The Safest Country – Policing 2021’ (P21) will build on existing transformation programmes while ensuring Police deploys its extra staff to ensure the best results for New Zealanders.

The Safer Communities package, announced in February, with more detail of where the new resources will go emerging last month, includes funding for an extra 1125 staff, 24/7 police presence in 20 regional areas and additional resources for rural policing, reducing family harm and fighting organised crime.

P21 brings together the existing change programme Policing Excellence the Future (PEtF) and the Police High Performance Framework (PHPF) leadership model with the Safer Communities investment package.

Work falls into five categories – Safer Whanau; Iwi and Community Partnerships; Police Commitment to Social Investment; Service Delivery and Modernising Our Business; and PHPF.

While opening up new areas of work, it will also build on programmes such as the family harm pilot Whangaia Nga Pa Harakeke and Iwi Justice Panels.

Police Commitment to Social Investment is an evolution from Evidence-Based Policing. “It’s evidence in action, using evidence and data to ensure what we do delivers the best for our communities,” says business lead Angela Brazier. “The changes broaden our scope and emphasise partnerships.”

Service Delivery and Modernising Our Business includes extending operating hours for the Eagle helicopter and developing online crime reporting and a single non-emergency number.

PHPF will continue to build on work done to support the transformation of our business, giving leaders at every level the tools to drive a shift in Police culture by focusing on setting direction, defining purpose, and enabling our people to deliver the best possible outcomes.

A small planning team is working with districts and service centres to develop charter documents – agreements between districts and service centres and the Executive about how they will use their new staff.

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