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May 2009
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Raising police profile among commuters

Community Police Officers in Wellington have recently undergone health and safety training from Kiwi Rail so they can patrol Wellington commuter trains.

Officers during their training day with Kiwi Rail.
Photo: Senior Constable Fiona Foxall

The goal is to raise their profile within the rail commuter community.

Wellington Community Policing Manager Inspector Karen Smith says every day thousands of members of the public catch trains to and from work in Wellington.

“Having police patrol the trains and platforms is a natural extension of the work we already do in the community,” says Karen.

“The vast majority of commuters are very safe on the trains, but from time to time problems do arise, particularly connected to alcohol.”


Uniformed officers provide reassurance to commuters, act as a deterrent to anyone thinking of committing a crime such as graffiti and are able to deal effectively with passengers who might cause a nuisance to fellow travellers.
They are also able to travel on the convenient and environmentally friendly trains as they go about their daily duties.

Tranz Metro Security Manager Mark Pettitt says he has been very keen to see more police officers using trains. “I believe it will help police to engage with the community and could provide officers with useful public information and intelligence.”

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