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May 2009
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Len Snee - a quiet achiever

Senior Constable Len Snee.
Photo: Napier Mail

Len Snee’s policing passion was the eradication of cannabis.

As the senior community constable in rural Taradale, Len got to know the bush and forestry areas backwards.

“I never knew with any certainty what he was doing,” says Len’s station supervisor, Sergeant Freddy Van Duuren. “He would disappear and be in the forest checking plots.”

He was a quiet achiever who produced results. Freddy confidently ranks Len as one of the country’s leading investigators in outdoor growing.

He was highly respected by the judiciary and his evidence around cannabis plants was accepted as expert evidence.

“I told him a number of times that he didn’t realise what weight was put on his opinions. He was an absolute guru around cannabis cultivation,” says Freddy.

Len Snee joined the 66th recruit wing in 1976 and was appointed constable two years later. After an initial posting to Porirua, he went to Waipukurau in 1980 and on to Napier in 1985. In July 1990 he went to Taradale CPC.

Len became a reserve member of the Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) in 1987 and a full member in 1989. He was an active AOS member when he died.

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