Ten-One Community Edition: 343 March 2011 is brought to you by The New Zealand Police
Ten-One Community Edition February 2011 THE

March 2011
Welcome to the community edition of Ten-One for March 2011.

This issue features:-

  • Operation Earthquake
  • Police take on bike gangs
  • New Waikato unit's first success
  • Rope rescue training
  • Retiring Police leaders reflect on their careers
  • Tackling paedophilia
  • Pre-recording introduced for child abuse cases
  • Waikato police partner with Chiefs to reduce bullying
  • Students monitor Police CCTV
  • Bryan and Bobby make season three

Read Commissioner Howard Broad's latest blog about current issues affecting policing.

Julie Wilton
Subeditor Ten-One

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Operation Earthquake

City confronts 'new normal'

With a city centre in ruins, thousands of homes left empty, ongoing aftershocks and staff living on their nerves, Canterbury Police staff must redefine ‘normal’.


Quake response swift and full

Buildings collapsed, fires raged, people were trapped in rubble and bodies lay in the streets. The 6.3 earthquake of 22 February brought carnage to Christchurch and many of its suburbs.

DVI and USAR teams faced 'absolute hell'

Police specialists in disaster victim identification (DVI) and search and rescue worked alongside Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams from the UK, US, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand.

Policing and strengthening communities

With 12,000 homes vacated by fleeing residents and many street lights out, there was a high risk of burglary and looting. Kiwi police officers took to the streets alongside their Australian counterparts, Defence and Fire personnel and Māori Wardens.

Communications Centre keeps calm and carries on

Lockers tipped over, a television crashed to the floor, water slopped from the fish tank and fire alarms wailed in the Southern Police Communications Centre.

Chaos turns to coordination

Constable Todd Hilleard was in the cafeteria on level four of Christchurch Central when the earthquake struck.

Precious scrolls saved

Detective Chris Bell was driving through the CBD’s cordoned area on late shift, a week after the earthquake when he and his partner, Senior Sergeant Matt Emery, came across two men and asked what they were up to.

Operational policing

Undercover work tough luck for bike gangs

Motorcycle gangs have had a tough few months thanks to a concerted multi-agency attack on their activities.

First strike for Crime Prevention Unit

A newly created Waikato police unit had its first success just hours into its new role following an armed standoff in Hamilton this month.

Taking rope rescue to new heights

Wellington police search and rescue (SAR) and ambulance staff took their rope rescue skills to dizzying new heights in January, as they completed the Royal New Zealand Police College’s first Technical Rope Rescue course.

Two leaders retire from Police
Commissioner Howard Broad and Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope began their Police careers together as members of the Joe Saunders Cadet Wing at Trentham. As they both prepare to retire on 1 April, they reflect on their 36 years of service.

Delegation key to leader’s vision

Commissioner Howard Broad steps down satisfied he is leaving a Police service with the resilience and flexibility he envisaged for it.

Ops to admin a satisfying move

As Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope heads into retirement, his thoughts are with the people he has served with during his 36-year career.

Protecting Children
OCEANZ joins global bust

Three victims of paedophilia were saved and 16 other children safeguarded in the New Zealand phase of a major international operation this month.

Rescuing children worth the strain

Behind restricted access at Police National Headquarters, four Police staff spend their days sifting through the murky world of paedophilia.

Community policing

Front row formed against bullying

Waikato police have launched a partnership with the Chiefs Super Rugby franchise to reduce bullying in the region’s schools.


Sharp-eyed students take a stand against street violence

High school students are using their sharp eyes and enthusiasm to prevent and detect crime in New Plymouth’s city centre.

Messages received loud and clear

Bryan and Bobby are becoming an international phenomenon as their children’s TV show goes to air for a third season.

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