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March 2011
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Messages received loud and clear

Bryan and Bobby are becoming an international phenomenon as their children’s TV show goes to air for a third season.

Constable Bryan Ward of Counties Manukau, says emergency personnel in New Zealand, Scotland, Australia, England and the US now use Bryan and Bobby educational kits with children. The show also airs on National TV in Rarotonga.

Bobby (left) and Constable Bryan Ward (right) made an episode at the Police College on police recruit training with recruit Ross Mason, left, and Training and Development Officer, Senior Sergeant Glyn Rowland.
Photo: Penny Clevely, RNZPC

The third series covers topics including grief/death, emergency call centres, earthquakes, going to court and DVD piracy.

“We want to keep pushing the boundaries so children are prepared for emergency situations and how to cope with them,” says Bryan.

The programme airs at 7.15am on Saturdays on FOUR (Freeview Four/Sky12).

“Since the show began, Bobby and I have had hundreds of kids come up to us and tell us what do in an emergency situation… strangely enough, it often sounds like what we said on TV, or what their police education officer has told them at school.

“The best thing is when families tell us they watch the show together, then they know what to do as a family in an emergency situation.”

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