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No. 371 July 2013

Welcome to the July issue of Ten One.

In this issue, we celebrate a milestone on the journey to make Police one of the most advanced policing services in the world, announce a trial of new police trousers, and join Maori Language Week celebrations in Christchurch.

You can also read As I See It, Commissioner Peter Marshall's latest blog about Police issues.

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World class today and tomorrow

Policing Excellence and the Prevention First national operating strategy have taken Police on a journey of unprecedented change, says Deputy Commissioner Operations Mike Bush, who has overseen this substantial programme of work.

Synthetic drugs out of corner shops

From this month, psychoactive substances can no longer be sold in dairies, supermarkets, service stations or anywhere that has an alcohol on-licence.

New trousers a stride closer

Three types of operational police trousers are to be trialled in four districts from this month.

Winning the battle against bias

Many people get wound up over deliberate efforts to make the workplace more favourable for women but predictions of catastrophe are unfounded, says a visiting expert.


Assistant Commissioner steps down

Nick Perry retires this month after 43 years in Police and nearly two years as Assistant Commissioner: Operations.

Volunteers honoured for vital work

Three volunteers were honoured for their work by Police and Corrections Minister Anne Tolley during National Volunteer Awareness Week last month.

Arohatia te Reo - Cherish the language

Canterbury staff were immersed in Maori culture during a week-long celebration of Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori (Maori Language Week).

Rescue plan for gems

Staff at Lyttelton have accepted the inevitable - their historic station, built between 1880 and 1882, faces imminent demolition.

Screen test for hidden clues

Specially modified cameras are being used to scan serious crime scenes for evidence which is invisible to the human eye.

Long arm v long ears

Prevention and environmental protection go hand-in-hand on the West Coast, where police are working with hunters to control a damaging invasion.

Proudly independent

By Commissioner Peter Marshall

The independence of New Zealand Police is something I hold dear. In some countries there can be a blurring of the separation of powers between the legislative branch, which makes the laws, and the police and judiciary, which give effect to them.

Minister’s Word

A view from Police Minister Anne Tolley

It was made very clear to the public recently that Police’s task of keeping communities safe doesn’t only apply to tackling and preventing crime.

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