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Issue No. 399 February 2016

Taser replacement and expansion continues

The X2 and X26 Tasers.

After the announcement in July that all first-response staff are to routinely carry Taser on duty, Police is continuing with its expansion and replacement of the Taser fleet.

Inspector Jason Ross, Manager of Response at PNHQ, says the roll-out of additional Tasers for level-one responders is happening in conjunction with the ongoing replacement of the older Taser X26 model with the Taser X2.

The X2 works in the same way as the X26 but provides additional features such as improved camera technology and the ability to fire two cartridges instead of one.

“The X2 Taser is already being used successfully in the Northland, Eastern and three Auckland Police districts,” says Jason.

“Operational acceptance testing of the new devices has been completed ahead of schedule and the new X2 devices were delivered into districts before the end of 2015.”

Jason says the X2 rollout will be supported by additional training for district staff under the Police Integrated Tactical Training (PITT) programme as the device is operated slightly differently from the X26. Training will continue throughout 2016.

“On completion of the transition training, staff will be certified in both the X2 Taser and the X26 Taser,” says Jason. “This will mean staff will be able to use either device while the full transition to X2 occurs.

“An online interactive learning module has been developed which all Taser operators must complete before attending their PITT programme, which will cover practical training and certification.”

Jason says the X2 rollout will see Police’s Taser fleet of 908 devices expanded to around 1600.

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