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Issue No. 399 February 2016

Shared ideas to boost trust and confidence

Districts are contributing to a database of frontline ideas of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to boosting public trust and confidence in Police.

A ‘trust and confidence stocktake’ is under way, with District Commanders asked to supply examples of frontline work which has had an impact in their patch.

Examples cited so far include improved communications with communities through media and more direct means; work to improve quality of conversations at roadside stops; targeted cross-agency trust and confidence partnerships and programmes; and a range of prevention initiatives.

“Some groups can have more impact on trust and confidence than others,” says Superintendent Anna Jackson, National Manager Police Professional Conduct, who is heading the project.

“For example, Road Policing staff have a significant amount of contact with the public – even though it’s usually very brief, the way those interactions go has a very large impact on what people think of Police.

“We need to share information about what works. There might be an initiative tucked away somewhere that’s working really well and is worth sharing around the country for the benefit of all.”

There is a particular emphasis on issues affecting trust and confidence among the hard-to-reach groups of young people and Maori.

District Commanders are sent a template to fill in and return, along with supporting material. They are considered by the Trust and Confidence Working Group (TCWG), which has members from districts, the RNZPC and national workgroups who are charged with providing coordination and oversight.

The programme supports Police’s vision of having the trust and confidence of all, with 80 per cent high or very high trust and confidence by 2017.

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