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Issue No. 399 February 2016

CFIT - a solid foundation

Wing 294 was the first to enter the RNZPC under the new training regime.
Photo: Bruce Hutton, Southern Exposure

As the first recruits enrolled under Police’s new training regime prepare to join their districts, indications are the new model is a success.

Members of the 294 Dr Anwar Ghani Wing were the first to enter the Royal New Zealand Police College (RNZPC) after completing the Foundation Learning online distance-learning course.

Foundation - the first of four phases of the two-and-a-half-year Career Foundation Initial Training (CFIT) - is a 12-week self-funded education and assessment programme run in partnership with Unitech.

Concerns in some quarters that candidates would be deterred or the diversity of intakes would be hit by the $690 cost or problems accessing technology were unfounded, says Inspector Sean McManus, Head of School Initial Training.

“We were looking for three outcomes,” says Sean. “These were to reintroduce people into a learning environment; to create awareness of what policing is about and give applicants some specific policing knowledge; and to encourage a mindset in which they learn how to manage their own learning.

“We’re really happy that all three of these are happening, based on the results we are seeing from Wings 294 and 295.”

Recruitment Analyst Nikki Wills says arrangements are being made with the Police and Families Credit Union to help applicants who might find the cost a barrier.

During 2015, 450 applicants in five cohorts – 33 percent from ethnic backgrounds and 27 percent female – entered the Foundation Learning phase, with 94 percent completing it.

Attitude problems, failure to complete assignments on time and “the realisation that policing wasn’t for them” contributed to the six percent fall-out, says Nikki.

“The process gets recruits into a good space coming into college, where they’re in for a really intense 16 weeks.”

Wing 294 leaves the RNZPC after an Attestation parade on Thursday 18 February.

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