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February 2009
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Fourth 'Lizzie' on horizon

After patrolling Wellington Harbour for nearly 20 years, the police launch Lady Elizabeth III – known as ‘Lizzie’ – is to be replaced with a more powerful $3.5million boat.

The new aluminium Lady Elizabeth IV will have the same generic design as the Auckland police launch Deodar III, with modifications for Wellington’s heavier weather conditions.

Police Minister Judith Collins announced the replacement – the ninth police boat to patrol Wellington waters – earlier this month.

Senior Sergeant John Bryant, head of the Wellington Police Maritime Unit, says he and his staff are rapt the launch will be replaced. “Lizzie has done a fantastic job,” says John. “We’re over the moon that she will be replaced and that a new police maritime protection and response will operate out of Wellington.”

On average, Lizzie has taken part in more than 600 incidents and 400 patrols each year.

The Deodar III visited Wellington in November 2007 as part of its ocean-going capability testing. The new Wellington launch – a 18.5-metre-long catamaran will be larger than Lizzie with a travelling speed of 56kmh (30 knots) at 62 percent power. Q West Boatbuilders is expected to begin work in July this year on the launch, with sea trials and a launch date 12 months away.
Photo: Rob Lee
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