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February 2009
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Early results encouraging

In its first four months of operation in New Zealand Crimestoppers took nearly 2200 calls.

More than 900 of those were categorised as actionable, ie information of sufficient quality to pass on to Police. Most information related to the manufacture, supply and distribution of drugs, followed by tips-offs about theft in all its forms.

Eighty percent of the intel was received verbally and twenty percent online.

Crimestoppers is recognised internationally for the results it helps police to achieve, says Commissioner Howard Broad.

“We’re keen to work with Crimestoppers to produce similar results in New Zealand. While it’s still early days, I’m very encouraged by what I’ve seen so far.”

Information received in the first few months of operation has related to stolen property, drug cultivation and supply and people wanted to arrest, among other things.

“Crimestoppers can generate powerful information through its separate identity and guarantee of anonymity. It’s an additional vehicle for information that will help our investigators resolve crime. We haven’t had that facility before and it’s an exciting development," says Howard.

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