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February 2009
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Incidents resulting in the deployment of Taser

Auckland: An axe-wielding man trying to smash his way into a car. Police later find a dead man at the address.

Auckland: A man apprehended in a high-speed chase after stabbing a taxi driver in the neck with a screwdriver and stealing his taxi.

Waitematā: A man who assaulted police at a roadside stop and threatened them with a wheel brace before fleeing. When stopped, he threatened police with a screwdriver and was pepper-sprayed to no effect.

Auckland: A man who threatened his partner with a knife. When confronted by police, he lifted up his top to show a firearm stuck down his trousers and, despite a warning, reached for the gun.

Waitematā: A man who stabbed himself with a samurai sword in front of his partner. When confronted, he held the sword in a fighting stance and refused to drop it.

Auckland: An aggressive man who broke free of handcuffs after assaulting three people and telling bystanders he would shoot them.

Auckland: A man who dragged people from cars and threatened them, and advanced on police with a large kitchen knife.

Waitematā: A drunk, aggressive man who assaulted a man and woman and threatened police.

Waitematā: A knife-wielding man assaulting a woman.

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