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February 2009
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Tip-offs put heat on drug dealers

Licensees in Nelson are agreeing to put up Crimestoppers posters in their bars.

Crimestoppers has got off to a great start in Tasman District, with nearly all of the actionable information received so far relating to drug supply, cultivation and possession.

District Commander, Superintendent Gary Knowles says the Crimestoppers 0800 555111 line is proving an effective tool in his largely rural district, with locals coming forward with information they would have previously kept to themselves.

“We’ve turned up some new drug dealers we didn’t know existed and we’re getting really good intel that we’ll feed into our cannabis recovery operations.

“In rural areas where everyone knows everyone, people are feeling more comfortable giving information anonymously,” he says.

Tasman’s District Intel Manager, Inspector Iain McKenzie says there have been five arrests to date for cultivation and supply as a direct result of information from Crimestoppers.


“In some cases we’ve collected intel on individuals that wasn’t quite sufficient to do anything with, then the information we got through Crimestoppers just put the icing on the cake.

Locals are coming forward to Crimestoppers with information about cannabis cultivation.

Photo/Image: NZ Police

“It was a major contributor to being able to make arrests. Crimestoppers is a huge deal for us.”

Gary says younger staff in particular are keen to raise the profile of Crimestoppers in Tasman.

“They see how the intelligence from anonymous tip-offs can inform tasking at a local level. Often it will provide that last piece of information that makes the whole picture make sense.”

Support for Crimestoppers is also spreading in the community, with licensees in Nelson recently agreeing to put up posters in their bars.

“Crimestoppers is an invaluable tool for us,” Gary says.

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